See You At INBOUND16

This week I'll be speaking at INBOUND16 about how to refine your content strategy and strengthen your brand voice, based on what I learned in my glamorous past life as a romance novel editor. True story.

Betrayal! Seduction! Long, smoldering gazes! If you're passionate about words and the bonds of trust, love, and power that they can create when wielded with care and skill, you won't want to miss this. Tell Your Story: Give Your Brand A Voice is scheduled for this Wednesday at 1:00 pm, room TBA.

There may be chocolate involved. No spoilers.

Seriously, I hope you'll be there. There'll be hundreds of great speakers and thousands upon thousands of inbound marketers, salespeople, and various other inbound enthuasiasts milling about, making fast friends, learning new skills, and generally having a ball.

Of course if you've ever been to INBOUND before, you know the best part is really the milling about. 

Hope to see you there.

UPDATE: There'll be an encore session at 4:15 pm on Wednesday for those unable to get in to the 1:00 pm session of Tell Your Story: Give Your Brand A Voice





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