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Politics of distraction

The lovely Nita and the infinitely adorable Rio just paid me the honor of a visit. Because I was too busy getting my hair cut back to a more reasonable length by Nita I was unable to photographically document the historical encounters that were taking place between my boy-cat Satchel and Rio, who is the first person of extreme smallness he has ever met. It went very well in fact, with Rio correctly identifying him as "a meow" but inevitably he found the whole thing quite exhausting and found he needed to go back to sleep on a pile of dirty laundry.

Those cats. They really know how to live.

In the midst of all this, I had a guy come over to give me an estimate on painting the house, which I think is going to be way too high and I will probably just end up having a friend do it under the table.

And that was probably the single most boring sentence I have ever written in this blog. At least I hope it was.

Here, quick, look at this instead!

Less hair

Yesterday I went shopping on the outer Cape for gardeny things, which was mostly just an excuse to go joyriding on a beautiful Spring day. You would think that the high cost of gas would curtail my joyriding somewhat, but you would be wrong.

Despite the mild cardiac arrhythmia I experienced when I saw this:


So to soothe my jangled nerves I decided to spend even more money and get a car wash, because I am one of those funny people who think the appropriate reaction to feeling poor is to spend more money.

Car washes are fun!

Car wash!

I really love the car wash.

The drying cycle

And yes, in fact, here come the warm jets:

Here come the warm jets.

Then a quick stop for some high test coffee...

Coffee 2

Followed by a little experimental photography, which I shot blindly from the driver's seat:

Pleasant bay

I should totally have a show of my new photographic works. I know just what to call it, too.

A bit further down the road I stopped into a bird feeder store, thinking I might get a new bird feeder this year since the squirrels TRASHED the one I had last year. Vicious little thugs. I did not buy a feeder, but I did see this barrel of peanuts for sale, helpfully labelled as seen here:


It should be noted that the people at this bird feeder store have finely honed senses of humor.

I did end up, finally, at my garden shop in Truro, where I did, eventually, buy some planty things to optimistically shove into the ground.

Then I took a bunch of pictures of the wee little planties that I have poking up in various places in my yard, because I am a very wee little new gardener and I haven't got the slightest idea what I am doing (click on the photo for more):

wild forsythia

And that's how I spent my weekend.

Plus some knitting.

You may bow down to my lameness now.